Ganesha Pancharatnam Meaning

Ganesha Pancharatnam Meaning

Mudha karatha modhakam, sada vimukthi dayakam,

Kaladaravathamsakam, vichithra loka rakshakam,

Anayakaika nayakam vinasithebha daithyakam,

Nathashubha pranasakam, namami tham vinayakam. 1


I offer my salutations to the remover of obstacles, adorned with modakas in hand. He is the eternal bestower of salvation, with the moon as his radiant crown. Ever-watchful, he safeguards this diverse world, leading those who defy being led. The harbinger of asuras' destruction, he annihilates all that is not good with divine power.


Nathetharathi bheekaram navodhitharka bhaswaram,

Namath surari nirjaram nathadhikapadhugdharam,

Sureswaram Nidheeswaram Gajeswaram Ganeswaram,

Maheswaram thamasraye parathparam nirantharam. 2


I humbly bow to the magnificent Lord who instills fear in the enemies of His devoted followers. Radiating brilliance akin to the just-risen sun, He commands salutations from both Gods and Asuras. As the obstacle-remover for His devotees, He is the revered God of all devas, the embodiment of wealth, and the divine ruler over elephants. Furthermore, He holds the esteemed position of being the leader of Lord Shiva's formidable army.


Samastha loka sankaram, nirastha daithya kunjaram,

Daretharodaram varam varebhavakthramaksharam,

Krupakaram, Kshamakaram, Mudhakaram, Yasaskaram,

Namaskaram Namaskrutham namaskaromi bhaskaram. 3


I pay homage to Ganesha, radiant as the Sun, spreading peace across all realms. He eliminated Gajamukhasura, displaying a generous paunch and an elephant-face that imparts blessings. Known for kindness and patience, He generously bestows blessings and showers immense fame upon those who sincerely bow before Him.


Akinchanarthimarjanam chiranthanokthi bhajanam,

Purari purva nandanam surari garva charvanam,

Prapancha nasa bheeshanam danamjayadhi bhooshanam,

Kapola dhana vaaranam Bhaje purana varanam. 4


I offer my respects to the ancient Elephant God, vanquisher of the troubles of the deprived. Worshiped since time immemorial, He is the eldest son of the deity who annihilated cities (Tripura). Devouring the pride of gods' adversaries, He stands formidable during the final deluge. Adorned with serpents like Dananjaya, He emanates fierceness akin to an elephant in rut.


Nithanta kanthi dantha kantha manthakantha kathmajam,

Achinthya roopamantha heena mantha raya krunthanam,

Hrudanthare nirantharam vasanthameva yoginaam,

Tham eka dantha meka meva chinthayami santhatham. 5


I consistently meditate solely on the God with a single tusk, whose ever-lustrous appearance captivates with beauty. He is the offspring of the Lord who conquered the god of death, possessing a form beyond imagination and an endless nature. Expertly tearing asunder all obstacles, He resides eternally in the hearts of Yogis, akin to the perpetual essence of the spring season.


Maha ganesa pancha rathna maadharena yo anvaham,

Prajalpathi prabhathake hrudhi smaran ganeswaram,

Arogadhamadhosadham susahitheem suputhratham,

Samahithayurshta bhoothi mapyupaithi sochiraath.


One who, each morning, holds reverence for these five gems of the mighty Lord Ganapati and meditates upon the leader of ganas in their heart, shall soon receive blessings. A life filled with health, devoid of troubles, and enriched with profound peace, great sons, longevity, and both spiritual and material wealth awaits them.

Ramaswamy Sastry and Vighnesh Ghanapaathi


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