About Vedadhara

Vedadhara is a spiritual community founded in the year 2015 by Ramaswamy Sastry and Vighnesh Ghanapaathi based out of Mumbai.

The goals of Vedadhara

  1. Propagate the high moral values contained in the Vedas, Smritis, Dharma Shastras, Itihasas, Puranas and Darshanas to enable the public at large to lead a righteous, meritorious and fulfilling life.
  2. To tap the potential of the internet, digital media and social media for this.
  3. There is a large amount of misinformation and disinformation about Sanatana Dharma in the public domain. Vedadhara is continuously engaged in dispelling these by bringing out genuine knowledge authenticated by the scriptures. Vedadhara through extensive research makes sure that every word it spreads is backed by the authority of the scriptures.
  4. Vedadhara spreads moral and spiritual values among children through stories from the Vedic literature.
  5. Vedadhara helps parents by giving them practical tips to instill in children values such as honesty, integrity, perseverance, kindness, courage and piety.
  6. Thousands of short and to-the-point audio discourses of Vedadhara are available on various platforms in English, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam. You may visit the home page of www.vedadhara.com to take a look.

On the practical front, Vedadhara is engaged in the following activities.

  1. Financial support to Vedic Gurukuls.
  2. Taking care of abandoned cows.
  3. Contributing towards day-to-day expenses of Temples in need.
  4. Renovation of dilapidated temples.
  5. Revival of Vedic traditions by sponsoring Shrouta yajnas.
  6. Anna danam.

Vedadhara generates funds for the above causes by conducting homas with public participation.

Take a look at what we have done so far -

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Vedadhara Devotional
Vedadhara Daily Homa





You can also subscribe for daily spiritual messages on WhatsApp by sending a message to +91 7506961236

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