Ramaswamy Sastry

Yajurvedi by family tradition.

Learned Atharva Veda under the Guru Parampara.

Br. Shri. Sridhar Adi – Br. Shri. Atmaram Poudel.

Br. Shri. Sridhar Adi Br. Shri. Sridhar Adi
Br. Shri. Atmaram Poudel Br. Shri. Atmaram Poudel
Ramaswamy Sastry Ramaswamy Sastry

Avid researcher into the Vedic corpus.

30 years of Mantra Sadhana.

Have done crores of Mantra Japa and purascharana in several Mantras.

Vighnesh Ghanapaathi

Became a Ghanapaathi in Yajurveda at the age of 16 following the traditional Gurukula system Under
Br. Shri. Sheshadri Ghanapaathikal.

Post graduate from Central Sanskrit University http://www.sanskrit.nic.in/

Presently pursuing Ph. D.

Gold Medalist.

Appreciated for his poetic skills in Sanskrit.

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