The privacy policy (hereinafter referred to "The Privacy Policy") is with respect to the use, protection, sharing of any personal information of the Browser/Browser/Viewer/User/Subscriber of the website (hereinafter referred to as the "Website"), owned and controlled by Vedadhara. The User/Subscriber of the Website may be required to provide personal identifiable information. By viewing/visiting the Website, the Browser/Viewer and/or User/Subscriber expressly consents to the terms of the Privacy Policy.

Our Privacy policy is subject to change at any time without notice. To ensure you are aware of the changes, please view this periodically.


  1. Visitor/Viewer: Any person, who either by himself or some authorized person, accesses the Website for the purpose of gaining information/knowledge on the Website and the contents therein. The term also means to include an onlooker, browser, spectator, networker of the Website.
  2. User/Subscriber: users who are accessing the Website for any reason in relation to posting and/or availing facilitation of services as mentioned on the Website.
  3. Personal Information: Any information/data disclosed by the Browser/ Viewer and/or User/Subscriber of the Website by which they stand to be identified which includes, however not limited to names, addresses, zip code, postal code, email addresses, telephone numbers, mobile numbers, debit and/or credit card details, QR codes, photographs.
  4. Service requests: Any requirement, information sought or need disclosed and/ or placed by the Viewers/Visitors and/or User/Subscriber for participating in Pujas/Homas/Yajnas as mentioned on the Website or the significance of such Pooja, samskaras, rituals or any meaning, interpretation, significance of scriptures, shlokas and mantras.
  5. Cookies: Small text files that are stored on the hard drive of the Browser/Viewers, User/Subscriber and are used for record-keeping purposes and are identifiers, which a website can send to the Browser/Viewers and/or User/Subscriber to keep on your computer to facilitate their next visit to Website.
  6. Vedadhara community: a virtual and/or real community, who are keen on keeping vibrant their cultural and traditional heritage.

Terms of Privacy Policy

  1. Vedadhara values the trust you place in it and is committed to protecting the personal information shared by the Browser/Viewer/User/Subscriber. Vedadhara assures the Viewers/Visitors/ User/Subscriber of the Website that it will take steps to use the Personal Information provided only in ways which are compatible with the Privacy Policy.
  2. Vedadhara does not require anyone to provide us any Personal Information in order to merely view the website or to read the content portions of the Site.
  3. You are not required to provide any Personal Information in order to merely view the website or to read the content portions of our Site. Vedadhara collects the following general types of information about Viewers/Visitors/User/Subscriber such as internet address, demographic information, behavioral information, and indirect information when you visit the website. At times we may collect combinations of all these types of information. In each case, it is indicated on the website whether any personal or demographic data must be provided to use the requested service or not.
  4. Personal information is information that can be used to identify you, or any other individual to whom the information may relate, personally, to enable us to provide services in the manner most applicable to your demography. We collect personal information only when you want to personalize your browsing experience in the website. For this, we collect your a) Email address; and b) Password.
  5. When you request for participation in any Puja/Homa/Yajna conducted by Vedadhara for universal welfare, we collect the following information:
    1. Name/Names
    2. Gotra
    3. Nakshatra
    4. Rasi
    5. Postal address
    6. Email id
    7. Phone Number
  6. Any information provided by you for the purpose of participating in Pujas/Homas/Yajnas, cannot be viewed by the public. We may retain this information at our discretion and use it in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
  7. In general, the Browser/Viewer can browse/visit/view the Website without informing us or revealing any personal information about himself. The Browser/Viewer is hence anonymous to us. When the User/Subscriber participates in by filling out the form(s) and/or agrees/confirms to avail of the services, they automatically become a member of the Vedadhara community. The puja enrolment form indicates which fields are mandatory to be filled and which are optional. The information indicated as optional may be provided wholly on the discretion of the User/Subscriber of the Website. The data provided on the form and the member id automatically gets saved in the Website server and the information of the User/Subscriber gathered from the Website, may be used for the following purposes:
    • providing our services
    • responding to queries.
    • operating and improving the Website
    • fostering a positive user experience; and
    • delivering prasada and materials for propagation of sanatana dharma.
  8. Information posted in public areas of the Website could be accessed, used, and stored by others. By the User/Subscriber providing their Personal Information for inclusion on the Website database, you acknowledge that you consent to your information being used as described here. While Vedadhara takes measures to safeguard your information from unauthorized access or inappropriate use by third parties, the Vedadhara does not control these third parties and we are not responsible for their use of information you post or otherwise make available in public areas of the Website. Accordingly, you should ensure that you do not post sensitive information, including personality profiles on the Website.
  9. Information posted in public areas of the Website are available for public viewing, and may reveal your personal requirements, indicate your particular preferences, thoughts and ideas. Vedadhara will not be able to control use of the information gathered by third party from the thoughts/ information needs / requirement if placed for public viewing, and exclude themselves of any liability for any consequence foreseen or unforeseen that may arise as a result of use of such information. In case such posting by you is likely to reveal sensitive information about yourselves we suggest you do not place it for public viewing, and if you do so, you are doing at your sole risk and discretion.
  10. The Website tracks the internet address of the domains from which the Browser/Viewer/User/Subscriber visits the Website and analyses this data. The information so tracked may include the URL that you just came from (whether this URL is on the Website or not), which URL you next go to (whether this URL is on the Website or not), your computer browser information, and your IP address.
  11. Any voluntary disclosure of Personal Information online, for example through comments, discussions, opinions, forums, blogs, reviews etc. can be collected and used by others.
  12. The User/Subscriber can gain access to Personal Information so provided by visiting the Website. We retain indefinitely all the information we gather about you in an effort to make your repeat use of the Website more efficient, practical and relevant. You can modify your account information as and when required. You can delete your posting if any you may have placed for public viewing, close your account at any time in which event we will remove all our copies of your postings, queries and your account information from the Website, except for an archival copy which is not accessible on the internet.
  13. If you wish to delete or close your account or account profile information altogether, please contact us at Vedadhara Helpdesk ( An email will be sent to you to confirm that your personal information has been deleted (save for an archival copy which is not accessible by you or third parties on the Internet). The archival copy is retained only for as long as the Vedadhara reasonably considers necessary for audit and record purposes. We will also retain logs, demographic, indirect, and statistical information that may relate to you but do not identify you personally. If your personal information was previously accessed by others using our Website, we are not able to delete the information or copies thereof from their systems.
  14. To improve the responsiveness of the Website, Cookies or other similar electronic tools may be used. The collection of data through Cookies on certain pages of the Website allows better understanding of the interests of the Browser/Viewers/User/Subscriber. The Browser/Viewer/User/Subscriber can however choose to accept or refuse the Cookies by changing the settings of their browser accordingly. If the Browser/Viewer/User/Subscriber choose not to accept these Cookies, their experience at the Website may be diminished and some features may not work as intended. Unless the Browser/Viewer/User/Subscriber voluntarily identifies himself (through registration, for example), there will be no way of knowing who the Browser/Viewer is, even if a Cookie is assigned to their computer. The only personal information a Cookie can contain is information the User/Subscriber provides. The information collected and analyzed is used to improve the service being provided by the Foundation. A cookie cannot read data off the hard drive. Advertisers may also assign their own cookies to the Browser/Viewer (if clicked on their advertisements), and Vedadhara and/or the Website does not control use of these cookies and disclaim any responsibility whatsoever for information collected through them.
  15. Vedadhara may collect Personal Information from the User/Subscriber. The Browser/Viewer/User/Subscriber may have the option not to provide such information, and while providing such information, the User/Subscriber will be able to "opt out" of certain uses of the information, if indicated. If the User/Subscriber chooses not to provide the information requested, they can still visit the Website, however, the User/Subscriber may be unable to access certain options, offers and services.
  16. By participating in Pujas/Homas/Yajnas notified on the Website, you acknowledge you are a part of the Vedadhara community.
  17. Vedadhara may send newsletters, notifications or communications or other similar messaging to the User/Subscriber. In case you wish to unsubscribe from receiving such communication, you may do so at any time.
  18. The Website may contain links to other web sites that are not owned or controlled by Vedadhara. The provision of such links is for the Browser/Viewer/User/Subscriber convenience and does not signify our endorsement of such web sites or location or its contents. Vedadhara has no control over or do not review and are not responsible for the privacy policies of or content displayed on such other web sites. Please be aware that the terms of our Privacy Policy do not apply to any third party websites. Any personal information provided by you through any hyperlink is at your sole discretion and risk, and will not be governed by this Privacy policy.
  19. If you provide feedback about the Website and the contents posted on the Website, Vedadhara may retain the information disclosed as may be necessary to resolve disputes, provide customer support, resolve troubleshoot problems or for any other purpose consistent with the Privacy Policy. We will collect any information contained in such feedback and will treat the Personal Information in it in accordance with this Privacy Policy.
  20. Vedadhara will not sell, rent, share, trade or disclose to third parties any personal information derived from the registration form, or use of, any online service offered by Vedadhara without the consent of the Viewer/ Visitor, User/Subscriber, except if such disclosure is required by law or is pertinent to judicial or governmental investigations or proceedings including search warrants, or to help investigate, prevent or take action regarding unlawful activities, suspected fraud, potential threat of security of any person, violation of our website use or defend legal claims; special circumstances such as compliance with subpoenas, court orders, requests/order from legal authorities or agencies requiring such disclosure or any other legal process or in the case of imminent physical harm to the user or others. The Browser/Viewer also consents to Vedadhara for disclosing information about the Browser/Viewer to actual or potential parties to a lawsuit that Vedadhara is or may become involved in (a) if it is required to do so, (b) if it reasonably believes that such disclosures will potentially mitigate its liability, or (c) to enforce its rights.
  21. In the unlikely event, the software has a temporary glitch, and the User/Subscriber Personal Information is displayed on the site even though they have configured their preferences otherwise, there will be no liability against Vedadhara for the same. Vedadhara will do its best to work with the User/Subscriber if these types of situations arise, but the sole remedy in these cases is to have Vedadhara try to rectify the problem as soon as it can. Vedadhara might also make ad hoc use of the User/Subscriber information in ways it can't contemplate here.
  22. Vedadhara reserves the right to make any changes/modifications in the Privacy Policy as it deems appropriate and will update the effective date on the website in order to keep the User/Subscriber of the Website aware and informed. In case of any material changes, Vedadhara will notify the last date of change in the Privacy Policy on the website. It is the sole responsibility of the Browser/Viewer User/Subscriber to view the Privacy policy whenever there is a change/modification /amendment.
  23. Please also visit our Terms of Use section establishing the use, disclaimers and limitations of liabilities governing the use of our website at Terms of Use.
  24. Any questions or clarifications with respect to this Privacy Policy can be sent to Vedadhara Helpdesk

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