Why Brahmins Should Chant Gayatri Mantra Without Fail

gayatri devi

Once upon a time, there was no rain on the earth for a few years.

Drought and famine spread everywhere.

Out of hunger and helplessness, people started killing and eating each other. 


Seeking a solution, some Brahmins went to Gautama Muni.

Muni welcomed them and asked them what their worry was about.

They narrated the situation to him.


Muni told them - consider this ashrama as your own home.

Don't worry about anything as long as I am there.


Muni started praising Gayatri Devi and Devi appeared.

Devi gave him an akshaya patra which would produce whatever was needed.

Muni produced grains, wealth, clothes, cows, etc. in abundance and gave to the Brahmins.

The Brahmins spent their time happily there.

It was always a festive mood in the ashrama.

Enemies and diseases could not even come near the ashrama.

More and more people came and took shelter in the ashrama.

Many yajnas were conducted.

People worshiped at the Gayatri temple every day.


Once, Narada Maharshi came to the ashrama.

He told Gautama Muni that his name had spread even in Swarga Loka.

Still, Gautama Muni did not have the slightest arrogance.


But some of the Brahmins who listened to this felt jealous.

They wanted to spoil Muni's name.

They created a cow using black magic.

It looked very weak.

They sent her to Muni's yagashala.

Even as the Muni was trying to send her out, the cow just collapsed and died.

The jealous Brahmins started spreading the rumor around that the Muni killed the cow.


Muni finished his yaga and came out.

Upon hearing what the Brahmins were doing, he felt very sad.

He cursed them - You will all become very lowly people.

You will lose your right over the Vedas and Gayatri Mantra.

You will lose interest in spiritual activities.

You will fall to such a level that you will have no hesitation in selling even your parents, wife, and children.

You will get the same Naraka where those who make a business out of holy places go.

Even your descendants will end up in Naraka.


The evil Brahmins became terribly scared.

They fell at Muni's feet and begged for mercy.


Muni said - My words can not go futile.

You will stay in Naraka till the time Bhagawan takes avatara as Sri Krishna.

Thereafter, you can take birth on earth.

But you will be protected from my curse only as long as you keep chanting Gayatri Mantra.

If you ever stop chanting Gayatri Mantra, you will again fall into serious trouble.


This is why Brahmins should chant Gayatri Mantra without fail every day.


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