Matsya Avatar

matsya avatar

Why did Bhagawan Vishnu take Matsya avatar?

Once the world is created it would last for 4.32 billion years.

This period is called a Kalpa.

After that a pralaya would destroy everything.

At the time of pralaya, all worlds such as Bhumi would be submerged underwater.


At the end of the previous Kalpa….


Manu was the ruler of the earth.

He was the progenitor of mankind.

One day, he was offering tarpana (offering water filled by holding both palms together) for the forefathers at River Kritamala.

A small fish got trapped in the water in his palms.

He was about to put it back into the river.

The fish said: please don’t do that.

I am scared of the cruel animals in the river.

Manu put the fish into his pot and took it back to the palace.

By the time he reached the palace, the fish had already grown as big as the pot.

Manu transferred it to another bigger vessel.

The fish kept on growing.

It was put into a pond, then into a lake, and finally into the sea.


Manu knew that it was no ordinary fish.

With folded hands he told the fish: I realize that you are none other than Sriman Narayana.

Why are you testing me like this?

The fish said: yes, you are right; I am Narayana.

I have taken avatar as matsya (fish) to protect the world.

Seven days from now, pralaya is going to happen.

At that time, a boat would appear.

You invite the Saptarshis into that boat and also get seeds of everything required to create the world again.

There will be huge waves during pralaya.

You should keep the boat tied to my horn to keep it stable.

Stay in the boat till the time Brahma is ready for the next creation.


(After pralaya, it is the night of Brahma for 4.32 billion years. Creation happens again after that.)


After saying this, the fish disappeared.

After seven days, the world started submerging into water.

At that time a boat and huge fish appeared.

Manu followed Bhagawan’s instructions and stayed in the boat till it was time for the next creation.

When Brahma woke up and started creating again, he delivered his duty as the progenitor of man again.







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गोदान की विधि

सुपुष्ट सुंदर और दूध देने वाली गाय को बछडे के साथ दान में देना चाहिए। न्याय पूर्वक कमायी हुई धन से प्राप्त होनी चाहिए गौ। कभी भी बूढी, बीमार, वंध्या, अंगहीन या दूध रहित गाय का दान नही करना चाहिए। गाय को सींग में सोना और खुरों मे चांदी पहनाकर कांस्य के दोहन पात्र के साथ अच्छी तरह पूजा करके दान में देते हैं। गाय को पूरब या उत्तर की ओर मुह कर के खडा करते हैं और पूंछ पकडकर दान करते हैं। स्वीकार करने वाला जब जाने लगता है तो उसके पीछे पीछे आठ दस कदम चलते हैं। गोदान का मंत्र- गवामङ्गेषु तिष्ठन्ति भुवनानि चतुर्दश। तस्मादस्याः प्रदानेन अतः शान्तिं प्रयच्छ मे।

रुद्राक्ष सिद्धि मंत्र

ॐ रोहणी रुद्राक्षी मनकरिन्द्री नमः । रुद्राक्षीयायां गंड संसारं पारवितं फूल माला जडयायामी जयमीस्यामी जमीस्यामी प्रलानी प्रलानी नमः । रुद्राक्षी बुटी सफलं करीयामी मूर मूरगामी यशस्वी स्वः । ज्या बूटी मोरी वाणी बुंटी दामिनी दामिमि स्वः । रमणी रमणी नमः नमः । इस मंत्र से रुद्राक्ष अभिमंत्रित करने से वह सिद्ध हो जाता है ।


राजा दशरथ और कौशल्या का विवाह कहां संपन्न हुआ था ?
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