Why Daksha Hated Shiva

daksha and shiva


Daksha's hatred towards Shiva was no secret. Despite this, Daksha gave his daughter Sati in marriage to Shiva.  However, it was known that Daksha was unhappy about this match, which was made under pressure from Brahma. Daksha's frustration came out during a yaga in which Shiva was also present.

Once Marichi and other great rishis were conducting a Brahma-Satra yaga. Daksha came to the yagashala. All present there stood up to honor him. Only Brahma and Shiva did not rise. Of course, Brahma was Daksha'a father but he got offended by the behavior of Shiva.

Daksha became furious and said, 'Even Brahmarshis who are present here respect me. I am a Prajapati (progenitor). Only he has insulted me.He doesn't know the basics of cultured behavior. I regret having given my daughter in marriage to him. He is so arrogant. He is unclean. He roams around in the cremation grounds. He is surrounded by bhutas, pretas, and pisachas. He doesn't follow the rules of civilized living. I gave my daughter to him only because my father, Brahma asked me to do so.'

Having said so, Daksha proclaimed that Shiva will no longer receive his share of the offerings in yagas.




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