Is Hayagriva A God Or A Demon?

Is Hayagirva a demon or a god? Here's the answer to this intriguing question.


The answer is - both.

There was a demon called Hayagriva.

Lord Vishnu took avatara as Hayagriva to kill this demon.

The demon, Hayagriva-asura observed tapas on the banks of River Saraswathy.

After 1000 years of tapas, Devi appeared before him.




He asked for a boon of immortality.

Devi said, 'If you take birth then you also have to die some day.'

Then the demon said, 'Then only Hayagriva should be able to kill Hayagriva.'

(Meaning - only he should be able to kill himself.)


Hayagriva-asura started harassing everyone.

It was time to end his life.


Hayagriva in Sanskrit means the 'horse-headed'.

In a battle with the Asuras, Bhagawan made himself lose his head with the sharp tip of his own bow.

Then the head was replaced with the head of a horse.

Thus Bhagawan also became 'Hayagriva'.

Then he killed Hayagriva-asura.


This story establishes how short-sighted and impulsive the tamasik demons are.



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What is Hayagriva the god of?

Hayagriva is the god of of knowledge, learning, and wisdom.

Which is the simplest Hayagriva mantra?

ॐ हयग्रीवाय नमः - Om hayagreevaya namaha.


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