What is this world?

In Yoga Vasishta, we encounter enlightening conversations between Raja Janaka and Shukadeva, shedding light on the mysteries of existence and consciousness. Let's delve into their dialogue and glean insights into the nature of reality.

Journey into Existence: From Creation to Dissolution

Shukadeva, grappling with existential questions, seeks clarity from Raja Janaka regarding the origin and ultimate fate of the world. Janaka, echoing the teachings of Vyasa and the Upanishads, elucidates that the world emanates from the antahkarana, comprising the amalgamation of mind, intelligence, ego, and consciousness. According to Janaka, the world ceases to exist when the functioning of antahkarana ceases. Despite Janaka's assurances, Shukadeva remains unconvinced, yearning for definitive understanding.

Revelation of Ultimate Truth

Janaka reassures Shukadeva that the world is but a manifestation of the singular Paramatma. He elucidates that the world emerges when Paramatma chooses self-limitation and dissolves when it seeks liberation from this constraint. Janaka emphasizes that Shukadeva has attained the pinnacle of knowledge, warning against the pitfalls of perceiving a distinction between the self and the world. With this profound revelation, Shukadeva embarks on a transformative journey of realization.

The Transcendence of Shukadeva

Following his discourse with Janaka, Shukadeva retreats to Mount Meru, immersing himself in deep contemplation. For millennia, he abides in Nirvikalpa samadhi until he merges back into the essence of Paramatma. Shukadeva's transcendence serves as a testament to the profound wisdom imparted by Janaka, marking the culmination of his spiritual quest.

Parallels with Sriram Ji: Insights from Sage Vishwamitra

Sage Vishwamitra draws parallels between Shukadeva and Sriram Ji, acknowledging their profound realization yet lingering doubts.

The cessation of worldly influence can be likened to turning off a running car, highlighting that even with complete detachment, the momentum of worldly interactions persists.

Vishwamitra underscores Sriram Ji's vairagya, indicating his readiness for supreme wisdom.

The Role of Guru: Guiding Light on the Path to Enlightenment

Recognizing Sriram Ji's readiness, Vishwamitra implores Vasishta to bestow the upadesha of supreme truth. He emphasizes the significance of a capable Guru in affirming one's realization, ensuring its preservation for future generations. Vasishta, graciously accepting the responsibility, prepares to impart timeless wisdom to Sriram Ji, thus perpetuating the lineage of enlightenment.


- The world emerges from the amalgamation of mind, intelligence, ego, and consciousness (antahkarana).
- Ultimate truth reveals the world as a manifestation of the singular Paramatma.
- Complete detachment (vairagya) is essential for liberation from worldly influences.

How to Conduct Yourself Based on These Learnings:

- Cultivate a deep understanding of the interconnectedness between the self and the world.
- Embrace detachment while engaging with worldly affairs.
- Seek guidance from a knowledgeable Guru to affirm spiritual realizations and navigate the path to enlightenment.



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What exactly is Brahman?

The universe around us is not permanent. Its life span is 4.32 billion years. Like a wave rising up from the sea and then falling back into it, the universe also comes out of Brahman and dissolves back into Brahman. It is a small part of Brahman that becomes the universe. The beginningless, endless and eternal reality is Brahman.

How was Ganga related to Shantanu?

Ganga was Shantanu’s first wife. In his previous birth, Shantanu was a king called Mahabhisha. In Indra’s court, he looked at Ganga passionately. Indra got irritated and cursed Ganga to take birth on earth. Then she married Shantanu.


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