The World Is A Creation Of The Mind

In the Vairagya Prakarana of Yoga Vasishta, Sri Ramji is explaining to Sage Vishwamitra why he is disillusioned with the world.


What is a mountain?

It is nothing but a big rock.

But then why do we address them differently?



What is a tree?

It is nothing but wood, etc.

But then why do we see them differently?


What is the earth?

It is nothing but soil.

But then why do we address them differently?


What is a human being?

Flesh, bones, blood.


But when we see a person coming, we don’t say, look flesh and bones are coming.

We say Rama is coming or Krishna is coming.

Why is this so?


It is just for clarity.

Suppose you want to go to Mount Kailash.

If you say that you are going to ‘The Rock’, nobody would understand.


The earth is rotating around the Sun.

If you say that ‘The soil’ is rotating around the Sun, nobody would understand.


Other than that, it has no relevance.

A mountain is nothing but rock, etc.

A tree is nothing but wood, etc.

Man is nothing but flesh, bones, etc.


In the same way - 

This world is nothing but the pancha bhutas.

We just recognize it by millions of different names and shapes.

We like some of them; we dislike some of them.

They are all composed of the same ingredients - the pancha bhutas.

How can you like some and dislike some?


These are just creations of the mind.






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