Mahishasura Mardini Stotram Meaning

Mahishasura Mardini Stotram Meaning

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Mahishasura Mardini Stotram is a composition of Shankaracharya.
It has many versions.
This version has got 21 verses.
Stotram means stuti, in praise of.
Devi is in a very fierce mood destroying a demon called Mahishasura.
Hence this stotram is composed in a different style.
The chanting is like a soldier's march.
Ayi means Oh! - Oh! Devi.
Jaya Jaya He - Victory, victory to you.
Oh! the killer of the demon known as Mahisha.
Ramya kapardini - Ramya means most beautiful.
Kapardini means one who has braided hair.
Kapardi means a male who has braided hair.
Kapardini is its female form.
It is like Shoolin - one who has a shoola, spear.
Shoolini is its female form.
Malin means one who has mala, garland.
Malini is its femalke form.
Shailasute -
Suta means son.
Dasharatha is Rama.
Vasudeva suta is Krishna.
Sutaa means daughter.
Shailasutaa means daughter of the mountain.
Shila means stone.
Shaila means mountain.
Oh! Mahishasura Mardini.
Oh! Shailasute.
Girinandini - because she was born there in the mountains, she is known as Girinandini.
Nanditamedini - because of whom the earth became very joyful.
Vishwavinodini - because she delights the world.
Nandanute - she is adored, and worshiped by a group of Devatas called the Nandas.
Girivara Vindhya Shirodhinivasini - Vindhya is the best among the mountains.
She resides at the peak of Vindhya mountain.
Vishnu Vilasini - She gives happiness to Vishnu.
Jishnunute - Jishnu is Indra.
She is worshiped by Jishnu.
Girivara vindhya shirodhinivasini Vishnu vilasini Jishnunute.
Bhagavati he Shitikantha kutumbini -
Bhagavan means God.
Bhagavati is its female form.
Bhaga is made up six virtues.
Somebody who has got these six virtues is Bhagawan.
Its female form is Bhagavati.
These six virtues are aiswarya, veerya, yashah, dharma, jnana, and vairagya.
Shitikantha kutumbini - wife of Shitikantha, Neelakantha, bhagawan with the blue neck.



Ramaswamy Sastry and Vighnesh Ghanapaathi

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