How Vedas Came Into Existence

Learn - How Vedas came into existence? How Vedas were divided? How Vedas are preserved? What Vedas say about God? Are Vedas authentic? Why Vedas are important? How Vedas are memorized? What Vedas say about the universe? When Vedas were revealed.

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How Vedas are divided

Vyasa Maharshi divided the single Vedic corpus into four parts - Rigveda, Yajurveda, Sama Veda, and Atharva Veda. He was expecting that in Kali-yuga people would have less intellectual capacity. Very few would be able to learn the entire Veda. He divided Veda in line with the utility of mantras during yajna. 


How Vedas came into existence?

Scriptures say that Vedas came out when Paramatma exhaled at the beginning of creation. They were vibrations with which Brahma created both matter and energy. Then they were revealed to about 400 Rishis in an audible form.


How Vedas are preserved?

Vedas are preserved through the tradition of oral chanting. The students listen to their teacher and repeat after him as per a well-designed curriculum. Nowadays, Vedas are available as manuscripts, printed books, and digital media.


Are Vedas authentic?

The authenticity of the Vedas is ensured by its transmission down generations by the oral tradition of guru-shishya parampara. The Vedic principles pertaining to science such as Astronomy are corroborated by modern research.


What Vedas say

Vedas tell us about how the universe was created and how it functions. They also tell us how humanity should shape itself to fit into the divine order.


What Vedas say about God

Vedas say that there is only one supreme God called Brahman or Paramatma. This one reality is addressed by several names such as Narayana, Shiva, and Ganapathy. They are all manifestations of the same God.


Why Vedas are important

Vedas are the primary and authoritative scriptures of Hinduism. Every other text such as the Itihasas, Puranas, and Dharma Shastras is based on Vedic principles. Any text that does not conform to the Vedic principles does not have authority in Hinduism.


How Vedas were memorized

Memorization of Vedas is of two types -

  • Memorization with the understanding of the meaning.
  • Memorization without understanding the meaning.

Both are equally important. The first one is useful for the spiritual growth of oneself. The second one is done more as a selfless duty of preserving Vedas without losing a single letter or corruption of swaras.



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What Vedas say about the universe

Just as waves arise out of the sea, the universe arises out of Brahman at the time of creation. A small part of Brahman itself becomes the universe. At the time of pralaya, just like how the waves fall back into the sea, the universe also dissolves back into Brahman.

When were Vedas revealed?

Vedas are revealed at the beginning of each Kalpa. One Kalpa is 4.2 billion years and it is the lifetime of the universe. The Vedas were revealed nearly 1.97 billion years ago.


What are Vedas called?
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