Vedas - Holy Books Of Hinduism

Vedas - Holy Books Of Hinduism

The Vedas are the oldest and most sacred of the holy books of Hinduism. They are a collection of hymns, prayers, and ritual texts, The Vedas are revealed scriptures, or the divine knowledge, passed down through the ages by sages and seers who experienced divine inspiration. These texts are revered for their profound spiritual and philosophical insights, as well as for their detailed instructions on performing religious ceremonies and rituals. The Vedas have been a cornerstone of Hinduism from time immemorial and are still studied and recited by millions of people worldwide. Given below are English translations of the four Vedas - Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samaveda, and Atharvaveda.


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Some people say rigveda is superior some say shukla yakur veda which is truth? -User_sf4bt6
All Vedas are equally superior. Replied by Vedadhara

Thanking you for spreading knowledge selflessly -Purushottam Ojha

this website is a bridge to our present and futur generations toour glorious past...superly impressed -Geetha Raghavan

Selfless service to humanity is true service to God and the highest form of worship. An endeavour in this direction by Vedhadhara!!! Kudos to all your efforts! 🪔🙏 -User_sfbsve

Very happy to note the good work you are doing for veda pathasalas and goshalas 🥳 -Uma Mahadevan

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How are the Vedas studied today?

Vedas are still studied following the system of oral transmission. The teacher chants a mantra and the students repeat after him till it is memorized and its pronunciation perfected.

What is the main theme of the Vedas?

The main theme of the Vedas is the search for truth and knowledge, as well as the exploration of the relationship between the individual self (atman) and the ultimate reality (Brahman).


When was Veda Vyasa born?

a May I the waters wet (thee) for life, For length of days, for glory. b O plant, protect him.
c Axe, hurt him not.
d Obedient to the gods I shear these. e With success may I reach further days.
f Let the waters, the mothers, purify us,
With ghee let those that purify our ghee purify us, Let them bear from us all pollution,
Forth from these waters do I come bright, in purity.
g Thou art the body of Soma, guard my body.
h Thou art the milk of the great ones, thou art the giver of splendour; splendour [1] place in me.
i Thou art the pupil of Vrtra's eye, thou art the guardian of the eye, guard my eye.
k Let the lord of thought purify thee, let the lord of speech purify thee, let the god Savitr purify thee
With the flawless purifier,
With the rays of the bright sun.
10 lord of the purifier, with thy purifier for whatsoever I purify myself, that may I have strength to accomplish.
m We approach you, O gods,
Ye that have true ordinances at the sacrifice
What O gods ye can assent to,
For that we ask you, O holy ones."
n Indra and Agni, heaven and earth, waters, plants.
o Thou art the lord of consecrations, guard me that am here.
i. 2. 2.
a To the purpose, to the impulse, to Agni, hail! To wisdom, to thought, to Agni, hail! To consecration, to penance, to Agni, hail! To Sarasvati, to Prisan, to Agni, hail!
bO ye divine, vast, all-sootbing waters!
Heaven and earth, wide atmosphere! May Brhaspati rejoice in our oblation, hail! c Let every man choose the companionship
Of the god who leadeth.
Every man prayeth for wealth;
Let him choose glory that he may prosper, hail!
d Ye are images of the Rc and the Saman. I grasp you two; do ye two [1] protect me until the completion of this sacrifice.
e O god, Varuna, do thou sharpen this prayer of him who implores thee,
Sharpen his strength, his insight;
May we mount that safe ship
Whereby we' may pass over all our difficulties.
f Thou art the strength of the Angirases, soft as wool; grant me strength, guard me, harm me not.
g Thou art the protection of Visnu, the protection of the sacrificer, grant me protection.
h Guard me from the lustre of the Naksatras.
i Thou art the birthplace of Indra [2]; harm me not.
k For ploughing thee, for good crops,
1 For the plants with good berries thee!
m Thou art of easy access, divine tree. Being erect, guard me until the completion (of the sacrifice).
n Hail! with my mind the sacrifice (I grasp); hail! from heaven and earth, bail! from the
broad atmosphere, hail! from the wind the sacrifice I grasp.
i. 2. 3.
a The thought divine we meditate,
Merciful, for our help.
That giveth glory, and carrieth the sacrifice.
May it guide us safely according as we will. b The gods, mind-born, mind-using, The wise, the sons of wisdom,
May they guard us, may they protect us, To them honour! to them hail!
cO Agni, be thou wakeful; Let us be glad;
Guard us to prosperity;
Grant to us to wake again.
d Thou, O Agni, art the guardian of vows,
Among the gods and men.
Thou [1] art to be invoked at our sacrifices.
e All the gods have surrounded me,
Pusan with gain, Soma with a gift,
The god Savitr the giver of brightness.
fO Soma, give so much, and bear more hither.
g May he that filleth never miss of fullness. Let me not be parted with life.
h Thou art gold; be for my enjoyment. Thou art raiment; be for my enjoyment.
Thou art a cow; be for my enjoyment. Thou art a horse; be for my enjoyment [2].
Thou art a goat; be for my enjoyment. Thou art a ram; be for my enjoyment.
i To Vayu thee; to Varuna thee; to Nirrti thee; to Rudra thee!
k O divine waters, son of the waters, the stream
Fit for oblation, mighty, most exhilarating, That stream of yours may I not step upon.
1 Along an unbroken web of earth may I go. m From good to better do thou advance.
n May Brhaspati be thy leader;
Then set him free, on the chosen spot of earth;
Drive afar the foes with all thy strength.
o We have come to the place on earth for sacrifice to the gods, Wherein aforetime all the gods rejoiced.
Accomplishing (the rite) with Rc, Saman, and Yajus,
Let us rejoice in fullness of wealth, in sustenance.

Ramaswamy Sastry and Vighnesh Ghanapaathi

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