Vedas are written by whom?

Given below are the answers to the questions - Are Vedas written by God? Are Vedas scientific? Are Vedas true? Are Vedas and Upanishads different? Are Vedas available? Are Vedas written in Sanskrit? Are Vedas mythology? How Vedas are compiled?

Vedas are eternal, not written by anyone

Are Vedas written by God?

Vedas are not written by anyone including God. Veda mantras are eternal. At the time of creation, Paramatma handed over these mantras to Brahma. The universe was manifested by Brahma using these mantras. Then, Veda mantras were revealed to the world through Rishis.


Are Vedas scientific?

Many branches of science were developed during Vedic times. The decimal system and numbers up to 10e18 can be seen in the Vedas. A palace with a thousand pillars is described showing the advancement of Engineering. Vedas talk about constellations, planets, seasons, and the reckoning of time.


Are Vedas available?

Vedas are available in both print and audio formats. PDF versions are available online. There are also printed books that can be purchased in multiple scripts.


Are Vedas written in Sanskrit?

Vedas are in ancient Sanskrit. The structure and grammar of Vedic Sanskrit are slightly different from contemporary Sanskrit.


Are Vedas true?

Vedas contain knowledge about the structure and functioning of the universe. Modern scientific studies corroborate the validity of Vedic principles.


Are Vedas mythology?

Vedas are not mythology. Vedas contain knowledge about the universe and the divine order that makes it function properly.



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Are Vedas and Upanishads different?

Upanishads are part of the Vedic corpus. What is generally referred to as the Vedas are the four Veda Samhitas. Samhitas focus on the mantras and procedures related to yajnas. Upanishads focus on the knowledge part of the Vedas.

How Vedas are compiled?

Vedas are compiled into 4 primary books called Rigveda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda, and Atharva Veda. Each book has its own ancillaries called Brahmanas, Aranyakas, and Upanishads. They have been compiled based on the specific duties of purohits while performing yajnas.


Who stole Vedas from Brahma?
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