Why Vedas are called Shruti?

Learn - What Vedas say on marriage? Why Vedas are called Shruti? Which Veda deals with medicine? First verses of the 4 Vedas, Vedas and Upavedas, Summary of Vedas.

Why Vedas are called Shruti?

Vedas on marriage

According to Vedas, the husband and wife become partners in living a righteous life and performing spiritual duties. The characteristics of their relationship are friendship, affection, and mutual respect.


Why Vedas are called Shruti?

The definition of Shruti is द्रष्टुर्वाक्यं श्रुतिः. The words of someone who has directly experienced or witnessed a truth are Shruti. Vedas contain knowledge experienced firsthand by the Rishis. They transformed it into spoken words. Vedas are also called Shruti because the disciples learn them by listening to the Guru’s chanting.


Which Veda deals with medicine?

Atharva Veda deals with the medicinal properties of plants and minerals. There are also several charms and mantras with the power to cure diseases.


Vedas - summary

There is only one supreme truth. It is called Brahman. The universe manifests out of a small portion of Brahman who is omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. Brahman can be realized in oneself through sadhana.


Vedas - first verse

Rigveda - ॐ अग्निमीळे पुरोहितं यज्ञस्य देवमृत्विजम्। होतारं रत्नधातमम् ॥ 

Yajurveda - ॐ इषे त्वोर्जे त्वा वायवः स्थोपायवः स्थ देवो वः सविता प्रार्पयतु श्रेष्ठतमाय कर्मणे । 

Sama Veda - ॐ अग्न आ याहि वीतये गृणानो हव्य दातये नि होता सत्सि बर्हिषि ।

Atharva Veda - ॐ शं नो देवीरभिष्टय आपो भवन्तु पीतये। शं योरभि स्रवन्तु नः॥


Vedas and Upavedas

Upavedas are supplementary to the principal Vedas. They are designed specifically for worldly applications of Vedic knowledge. 

The Upavedas are -

  • Rigveda - Ayurveda dealing with healthy lifestyle and medicines.
  • Yajurveda - Dhanurveda dealing with archery and warcraft.
  • Sama Veda - Gandharva Veda dealing with music and dance.
  • Atharva Veda - Artha Shastra dealing with administration and economics.


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Vedas vs Upanishads

Yajnas are practical demonstrations of cosmic principles. Vedas deal with mantras and procedures of yajnas. Upanishads are the essence of Vedas. They summarize the knowledge contained in the Vedas.

Vedas vs Puranas

Vedas describe how the universe came into existence and what is the divine order put into place for its functioning. Puranas explain and expand the same principles through historical anecdotes and stories.


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