What Vedas say about periods

Learn - Why Vedas are called apaurusheya? What Vedas say about periods? Which Veda mentions about yoga? Are Vedas available online? Which Veda contains cure of diseases?


Why Vedas are called apaurusheya

Apaurusheya means not man-made. Veda mantras are eternal. They are revealed through Rishis. 


What Vedas say about periods

According to Krishna Yajurveda, Indra incurred the sin of brahmahatya when he killed Trishiras. He divided the sin into three parts and gave them to the earth, trees, and women to get relief. In return, women received the boon of not incurring any sin by being physically intimate with their husbands only for pleasure. Until then, physical relationship was permitted only for procreation. The sin of Indra would exist in the bodies of women during their periods. They will have brilliant children if they observe certain rules during periods.


Which Veda mentions about yoga?

Rigveda  1.18.7 - sa dhīnāṁ yogaṁ invati - He promotes yoga of thoughts.1.30.7  - yoge yoge tavastaraṁ vāje vāje havāmahe - In each yoga we invoke Indra. 10.114.9 - kaś chandasāṁ yogaṁ ā veda dhīraḥ - Who knows the yoga of the meters? The term yoga is used here to mean unifying.


Vedas to Upanishads

In Vedas, you will find several Devas being described as the Supreme God. It may sound confusing to the layman. Upanishads settle this by declaring that there is only one supreme God called Brahman and the others are just his different names and manifestations.


Are Vedas available online?

A large number of Vedic texts are available at https://archive.org/search?query=vedas


Which Veda contains cure of diseases?

Atharva Veda contains many mantras and procedures for curing diseases.



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Vedas definition

Vedas are the primary religious texts of Sanatana Dharma also called Hinduism. Veda literally means knowledge. Vedas contain both spiritual and scientific knowledge. They are divided into four parts - Rigveda, Yajurveda, Sama Veda, and Atharva Veda.

Vedas vs Upanishads vs Puranas

Veda Samhitas focus on the procedures of yajnas. Upanishads focus on knowledge about the universe and the self. Puranas teach the Vedc principles through narration of historical incidents and stories.


Which Veda is in the song format?
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