Vaitheeswaran Koil - A Healing Pilgrimage


Have you ever heard of a place where people go to be cured by a god?

That's Vaitheeswaran Koil, a temple in Tamil Nadu, India, dedicated to Lord Shiva as the ultimate physician. For centuries, people have been coming to this holy place to seek blessings for good health and healing.

The temple is famous for its sacred tank, the Siddhamirtham, which is believed to have magical healing powers. People take a dip in the tank and pray to Lord Shiva for good health. The temple is also known for its beautiful architecture and sculptures.

Devotees also come here praying for a good job, marriage, children, peace, for getting property, relief from debt,  and seeking prosperity.

If you're ever in Tamil Nadu, do visit Vaitheeswaran Koil. It's a truly special place that will leave you feeling peaceful and hopeful.

In the following paragraphs, we'll take a closer look at the history, legends, and rituals of Vaitheeswaran Koil. We'll also explore the science behind the temple's healing powers. 


Temple details

Moolavar - Vaitheeswaran / Vaidyanathar

Amman - Taiyal Nayaki (Balambikai)

Other deities - Angarakan, Muthukumara Swami, Dhanwantari

Teertham - Siddhamritam

Original name - Pullirukkuvelur

Governed by - Dharumai Adheenam

Protected by - Bhairavar, Veerabhadrar, Vinayagar, and Kaali.



Vaitheeswaran Koil is located in the Mayiladuthurai district of Tamil Nadu, India. It is situated on the northern side of the Cauvery River, about 7 kilometers from Sirkazhi, 235 kilometers from Chennai, 27 kilometers from Chidambaram, 110 kilometers from Thanjavur, and 16 kilometers from Mayiladuthurai.



Planet Angarakan (Chevvai) was suffering from leprosy. He prayed to Vaidyanatha Swamy and was cured here. In gratitude, Angarakan gives relief from troubles due to his malefic position in the horoscope to those who come to this temple.

Last rites of Jatayu were performed here by Sri Rama and Lakshmana.

A king named Veerasenan had a son who suffered from tuberculosis. After taking a bath in Siddhamritam and praying, he was completely cured.



The glory of the Vaitheeswaran has been praised by Thirugnana Sambandar, Tirunavukkarasar, Arunagirinathar, Kumara Guruparar, Chidambara Munivar, Ramalinga Adigal, Padikkasu Thambiran, Kalamega Pulavar and Vaduganatha Desikar of Dharmapura Aadheenam in Thevaram and Tirupugazh hymns.



  • Thai masam festival
  • Panguni Brahmotsavam
  • Aippasi Skanda Sashti
  • Karthigai



  • Dissolving jaggery in Siddhamritam
  • Tonsure of children
  • Jamming pepper and salt in front of the kodimaram
  • Offering silver images of body organs affected by disease
  • Prayer to Angarakan for removal of obstacles in marriage due to Chevvai dosham.
  • Maa Vulakku for Amman
  • Punugu to Muthukumara Swamy


The holy soil of the temple rolled into a ball with vibhuti, chandanam, abhisheka jalam, and neem leaves is given as prasadam. It has great healing powers and is called Thiruchandu Urundai. Chandanam and kumkumam, and vibhuti are also given as prasadam. Special oil with healing power is also given as prasadam.


Navagraha temple for Ankarakan

In Vaitheeswaran Koil, there's a special sannidhi for Ankarakan or Chevaai (Mars). People come praying to Ankarakan to give them courage, help them win, and make them strong. When people come to the temple, they first go to the Siddhamrita tank. The water there is believed to heal skin problems. Darsanam here cleans out bad luck that stops people from getting married.


How to reach

The temple is located on the intersection of the Thanjavur-Chidambaram highway and the Sirkali-Mayiladuthurai state highway. There are frequent bus services from all major cities in Tamil Nadu to Vaitheeswaran Koil. The nearest railway station is located in Mayiladuthurai, which is about 16 kilometers away. The nearest airport is located in Karaikal, which is about 40 kilometers away.


Here are the directions to Vaitheeswaran Koil from various cities in Tamil Nadu:


  • From Chennai: Take the NH45 highway towards Chidambaram. After crossing Sirkali, take the left turn towards Mayiladuthurai. The temple will be on your left after about 7 kilometers.
  • From Chidambaram: Take the NH45 highway towards Mayiladuthurai. The temple will be on your right after about 27 kilometers.
  • From Thanjavur: Take the NH45 highway towards Chidambaram. After crossing Mayavaram, take the right turn towards Mayiladuthurai. The temple will be on your right after about 90 kilometers.
  • From Mayiladuthurai: The temple is located about 16 kilometers from the city center. Take the Sirkali-Mayiladuthurai state highway towards Sirkali. The temple will be on your right after about 16 kilometers.


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Temple timings

6.00 am to 11.00 am

4.00 pm to 8.30 pm

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