The Unique And Fascinating Jharni Narasimhaswamy Temple, Bidar



Jharni Narasimha Swamy Temple is a very unique temple 4.8 km away from Bidar town of Karnataka. Devotees pass through waist deep water inside a 300 m long cave to get darshan of Narasimhaswamy here. The idol in this temple is swayambhu (self-manifested). 


Legend of Jharni Narasimha Swamy Temple

An Asura called Jharasura had dug this cave with his fingernails. He installed a Shiva Lingam in this cave and started worshiping it. However, due to his demonic nature, he used to harass people a lot.

Lord Narasimha had just finished the killing of Hiranyakashipu. When he heard about the atrocities of Jharasura, he came to the cave, fought with him, and killed him.

As his death wish, Jharasura requested Swamy to continue living in the cave and bless the devotees with whatever they wish for when they come there to take his darshan. Narasimhaswamy obliged. Jharasura turned into a stream and started washing his feet. This stream always keeps flowing and water in the cave never dries up.

Vidura has lived in this place hence this place is also known as Viduranagara. Nala met Damayanti here,


Highlights of the cave pilgrimage

  • Devotees have to wade through 4 to 5 ft of water for about 300 m to reach the temple at the end of the cave.
  • Children are often seen being carried by elders on their shoulders.
  • Even though there are a large number of bats inside the cave, they don't harm the devotees.




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How to reach Jharni Narasimha Swamy Temple

By Road: Bidar is well connected to Hyderabad, Raichur, etc.

By Train: Hyderabad to Bidar is about 2.5 hrs by train. Gulbarga is also about 2.5 hrs. Bangalore is about 12 hrs.

Nearest Airport: Bidar (10 km)




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