Story Of Alarka



Because of your hardwork, Sanatan Dharma is progresing 🌟 -Ramya Shivan

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Amazing efforts by you all in making our scriptures and knowledge accessible to all! -Sulochana Tr

Guruji's authority on Hindu scriptures is powerful and inspiring, thnks a lot 🙏 -Vinod Kedia

My day starts with Vedadhara🌺🌺 -Priyansh Rai

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Who are the parents of Rishi Bharadwaja?

Brihaspati and Mamata.

Who is Ganesh Ji’s wife?

Ganesh Ji has got two wives, Siddhi and Buddhi. They stand for success and intelligence. In another representation in iconology of Ganesha, he can be seen with a single wife sitting on his lap. In that form, he is called Vallabha-Sahita Ganapathy. Her name is Lakshmi.


Which temple is dedicated to Brahma ?
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