Which Yoga Is Suitable For Me?

Let us find out which yoga is suitable for you depending on your nature and characteristics.

Four forms of yoga according to Shiva-Samhita

They are: Mantra-yoga, Hatha-yoga, Laya-yoga, and Raja-yoga.

Mantra-yoga: achieving the state of yoga through the chanting of mantras.

Hatha-yoga: achieving the state of yoga focusing on physical acts such as asanas and kriyas.

Laya-yoga: achieving the state of yoga through meditation.

Raja-yoga: achieving the state of yoga through shunning of all forms of duality.

Four types of sadhakas

  • Mridu: Basic
  • Madhyama: Intermediate
  • Adhimatra: Advanced
  • Adhimatra-tama: Perfect

What are the basic qualities needed for yoga-sadhana?

  • faith that my sadhana will definitely lead me to the specified result
  • unfailing adherence to the sadhana routine
  • service to Guru
  • equanimity; treating everyone equally
  • control over sensory organs and mind; what to see, what to hear etc.
  • control over food
  • minimum interaction with people who are only materialistic in their outlook
  • avoiding harsh words and behavior

What are the characteristics of the Basic-sadhaka?

He has all the above qualities to some extent, but:

  • lacks enthusiasm
  • is foolish at times
  • not very healthy
  • lacks confidence in Guru
  • doesn't completely abstain from evil thought and deeds
  • lacks control over sexual thoughts and needs
  • is dependent on others
  • is not completely soft and kind

Which yoga is suitable for the Basic-sadhaka?

He can attain success in twelve years by divine grace.

What are the characteristics of the Intermediate-sadhaka?

  • intelligent
  • tolerant
  • has desire to perform good deeds
  • talks sweetly
  • adopts the middle-path in all matters

Which yoga is suitable for the Intermediate-sadhaka?

Laya-yoga is ideal for the Intermediate-sadhaka.

What are the characteristics of the Advanced-sadhaka?

  • stable mind
  • capable of deep meditation
  • not dependent on anyone
  • courageous
  • big-hearted
  • tolerant
  • kind
  • honest
  • interest to delve into samadhi
  • worshipful of Guru
  • fully into yoga-related activities

Which yoga is suitable for the Advanced-sadhaka?

He will be able to accomplish siddhi in six years.

What are the characteristics of the Perfect-sadhaka?

  • very valorous
  • highly enthusiastic
  • knows principles of yoga-shastra very well
  • practices without fail
  • free from all worries
  • alert
  • has sensory organs and mind fully under control
  • youthful body
  • moderate food intake
  • fearless
  • hygienic and pure conduct
  • skillful
  • charitable
  • dependable
  • stable mind
  • wise
  • happy
  • maintains secrecy about own spirituality
  • full faith in Yoga-shastra and Guru
  • speaks only truth
  • speaks sweetly
  • keeps interaction with others to a minimum
  • healthy body

Which yoga is suitable for the Perfect-sadhaka?

All yogas are suitable for him including Raja-yoga.


Ramaswamy Sastry and Vighnesh Ghanapaathi




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