Hamsa Gayatri Mantra for Spiritual Growth



Superb rendering of Hamsa Gaythri Mantram. Feel solace in mind & heart -CSJOSHI

Good energy feeling 🙏🙏 -Sahasranamam

Vedadhara content is at another level. What a quality. Just mesmerizing. -Radhika Gowda

Peaceful and assuring divine voice -Vishal Premkumar

I spend half an hour to one hor everyday on Vedadhara website. I have learned a lot in past 4 years. Every page something new is there to learn...Thanks for this great effort... -Srinidhi

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Who are the consorts of Lord Ganesha?

According to Mudgala Purana, the consorts of Lord Ganesha are Siddhi and Buddhi (success and intelligence).

What is the meaning of Devi?

दीव्यतीति देवी. The term Devi is derived from the Sanskrit root दिव् क्रीडा-विजिगीषा-द्युति-स्तुति-मोद-मद-स्वप्न-कान्ति-गतिषु. Someone with an aura around her, and who is brilliant is called Devi. The name also points towards her pleasant and dynamic nature, her victory over the evil and all her activities which she does in a playful mood.


Who was the disciple and patron of Kautilya?
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