Is Family's Permission Necessary For Becoming Sanyasi ?




Which is Subrahmanya Shadakshara mantra?

1.शरवणभव 2.ॐ वचद्भुवे नमः

How many forms of Durga are there?

There are 64 forms of Durga. Aryadurga, Vedagarbha, Naikabahu, Bhadra, Kanya, Kamakshi, Bhagavati, and Joulambika are some among them.


Who is the daughter of Ksheerasagara - Milky Ocean ?

Is family's permission necessary for becoming a sanyasi?

Who is a sanyasi?
Bhagawan says in Gita -
योगसंन्यस्तकर्माणं ज्ञानसंछिन्नसंशयम्।
आत्मवन्तं न कर्माणि निबध्नन्ति धनञ्जय।।4.41।।
Through yoga he relinquishes all karma.
He doesn't do anything anymore.
There is nothing left for him to do.

सम्यङ् न्यासीकृतः । समर्पितः ।
Relinquishing completely and in a proper way.
Relinquishment is not out of an impulse.
It is not an impulsive decision.
I am not getting what I deserve.
I am not getting a good job.
My family is not taking care of me.
I don't have friends.
Let me join an ashrama.
This is not sanyasa.
This is running away from life, dejected.
This is not sanyasa.
Becoming a sanyasi is a conscious decision, a responsible decision.
Then you relinquish everything in a proper way.
Hand over responsibilities.
Then slowly get out of worldly affairs.
This is the kind of sanyasa you will find mostly in our scriptures.
Krama sanyasa,
After completing all responsibilities as a householder, he then retires as a vanaprasthi.
Even during vanaprastha, he is not completely cut off from the family.
He is still there whenever they need him, like to advise them.
Then only comes sanyasa.
This is a path that everyone should aspire for, kramasanyasa.
In this case, sanyasa is happening with the complete knowledge and consent of the family.

There is another kind of sanyasa in which a person develops complete dispassion, vairagya towards the world and reliquishes.
This is from knowledge about the unreal nature of the world.
This can also due to practical experiences.
This is irrespective of whether he is a householder or a bachelor.
If vairagya is genuine, then he can relinquish as soon as he develops it.
On the same day.
When the world has turned disgusting.
Relations and permissions are matters of the world.
Then he doesn't wait for permissions.

And what are the signs of a sanyasi

His only aim is moksha and the only thing he does is worship.
Worship in any or many of its forms.
He wears saffron, red or appropriate clothes and usually a kamandalu and a staff.
Shaven head.
He lives in solitary places or holy teerthas.
But he doesn't stay at any place for long.
He doesn't want to get attached to any place.
He is very cautious about this.
He takes satwik food in a very limited quantity.
He survives out of food given by others voluntarily but he doesn't ask for anything.
He is non-aggressive, non-violent and peaceful.
Whether it is good or bad, he maintains equanimity.
And he stays away from women.
These are the signs of a sanyasi.

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