Rudraksha Types And Benefits

Rudraksha tree


The following shlokas are from Shiva Rahasya giving the types and benefits of Rudraksha.

एकवक्त्रः शिवः साक्षाद्ब्रह्महत्यां व्यपोहति।

अवध्यत्वं प्रतिस्रोतो वह्निस्तंभं करोति च॥

Rudraksha with a single face (1 mukhi) is Shiva himself. 

Removes the sin of brahmahatya (killing of brahmin). 

Gives protection from fire and death.

Brahmahatya causes Tuberculosis, and leprosy.


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द्विवक्त्रो हरगौरी स्याद्गोवधाद्यघनाशकृत्।

Rudraksha with two faces (2 mukhi) is Shiva-Parvathy. 

Removes the sin of gohatya (killing of cow).

Gohatya causes piles, night blindness, and diabetes.

त्रिवक्त्रो ह्यग्निजन्माथ पापराशिं प्रणाशयेत्।

Rudraksha with three faces (3 mukhi) is Agni. 

Removes all sins.

चतुर्वक्त्रः स्वयं ब्रह्मा नरहत्यां व्यपोहति।

Rudraksha with four faces (4 mukhi) is Brahma. 

Removes the sin of narahatya (killing a human being).

पञ्चवक्त्रस्तु कालाग्निरगम्याभक्ष्यपापनुत्।

Rudraksha with five faces (5 mukhi) is Kalagni. 

Removes the sin of illicit relationships and eating forbidden food.

Illicit relationship causes leprosy, tuberculosis, and piles. 

Eating forbidden food causes leucoderma and diarrhea.

षड्वक्त्रस्तु गुहो ज्ञेयो भ्रूणहत्यादि नाशयेत्।

Rudraksha with six faces (6 mukhi) is Karthikeya. 

Removes the sin of bhrunahatya (abortion).

सप्तवक्त्रस्त्वनन्तः स्यात् स्वर्णस्तेयादिपापहृत्।

Rudraksha with seven faces (7 mukhi) is Anantha. 

Removes the sin of having stolen gold.

Stealing gold causes diabetes.

विनायकोऽष्टवक्त्रः स्यात् सर्वानृतविनाशकृत्।

Rudraksha with eight faces (8 mukhi) is Vinayaka. 

Removes the sin of dishonesty.

Dishonesty causes leprosy, and diseases of the mouth.

भैरवो नववक्त्रस्तु शिवसायुज्यकारकः।

Rudraksha with nine faces (9 mukhi) is Bhairava. 

Gives Shiva - sayujya (oneness with Shiva).

दशवक्त्रः स्मृतो विष्णुर्भूतप्रेतभयापहः।

Rudraksha with ten faces (10 mukhi) is Vishnu. 

Removes troubles of evil spirits.

एकादशमुखो रुद्रो नानायज्ञफलप्रदः।

Rudraksha with eleven faces (11 mukhi) is Rudra. 

Gives the results of having performed various yajnas.

द्वादशास्यस्तथादित्यः सर्वरोगनिबर्हणः।

Rudraksha with twelve faces (12 mukhi) is Aditya. 

Gives relief from health issues.

त्रयोदशमुखः कामः सर्वकामफलप्रदः।

Rudraksha with thirteen faces (13 mukhi) is Kamadeva. 

Gives fulfillment of desires.

चतुर्दशास्यः श्रीकण्ठो वंशोद्धारकरः परः।

Rudraksha with fourteen faces (14 mukhi) is Shreekantha. 

Causes emancipation of the entire clan.




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