Navigating Illusions: Durga Meditation for Your Daughter's Clarity



There is a lot difference and improvement in various aspects of life, after I associated myself with Vedadhara and their activities. So much of positivity, sensitivity, patience and prosperity have entered my life. My heartfelt gratitude for all your invaluable efforts in helping me attain all of this. 🙏🏻 -user_h8kxy

You guys are doing great work for the revival of hinduism by supporting vedic gurukuls 🙏 -Abhinav Reddy

Vedadhara's cntent is both authorative and easy to grasp, thank you 🙏 -Karthik Prabhu

Vedadhara gives us so much exposure to the treasures in our Vedas...blessed😇 -Kamala Pillai

Brilliant! -Abhilasha

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Sons of Aruna

Aruna is the brother of Garuda. He married Shyeni. Shyeni means female falcon. They had two sons - Sampati and Jatayu. Their story is part of Ramayana.

Why should Suta know the secrets of the Puranas?

Suta was the favorite student of Sage Vyasa. There are some secrets that Gurus teach only to their favorite students. Suta learned from many Gurus as well.


How many meters ( Chhandas ) are famous in the Vedas ?
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