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Seek blessings from Vidya Ganapathy for academic excellence, retention, creative inspiration, focus, and spiritual enlightenment.

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For Success In Studies And Exams - Hayagreeva Meditation

A very powerful Meditation to give you confidence.


Hayagreeva Meditation | For Success In Studies & Exams


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Is Tripurasundari one among the Dasha Mahavidyas?

Yes. Tripurasundari is one among the Dasha Mahavidyas.

16008 wives of Lord Krishna

The Lord had 8 principal wives. The others were rescued by the Lord from the captivity of Narakasura. He was the king of Pragjyotishapura. He held 16000 princesses as prisoners. When the Lord rescued them, they requested the Lord to accept them as his wives and protect their dignity.


What role does Aniruddha play in the Chaturatma concept of Vaishnavism?
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