Is Idol Worship Only For Beginners?



Guruji, do we need any deeksha for idol worship? -Pankaja Kadam N
No. just learn the procedure. Replied by Vedadhara

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Puja for Ashwini Nakshatra

1. Worship Ganapati, Kartikeya, and Bhadrakali. 2. Gandanta shanti. 3. Ganapati Homa. 4. Chaturthi vrata. 5. Mangal (Mars) mantras and stotras. 6. Ketu mantras and stotras.

What is the meaning of Bhagavata?

Anything that belongs to Bhagavan or Bhagavati is called Bhagavata. Anything that is connected to Bhagavan of Bhagavati is also Bhagavata. The bhakta is also called Bhagavata. भगवतो भगवत्या वा इदम्। तयोः संबन्धिनि च। भक्तः।


How many meters ( Chhandas ) are famous in the Vedas ?
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