Agneyastra is a divine weapon used in warfare. 

Its use is mentioned in the Puranas and Itihasas. 

When a normal arrow is energized with the Agneyastra mantra, it turns into Agneyastra.


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अरणी मंथन अग्नि उत्पादन कार्य


Origin of Agneyastra

Devaguru Brihaspati gave Agneyastra to Rishi Bharadwaja. 

Agnivesha received it from Bharadwaja and he gave it to Drona. 

From Drona, Arjuna received.

Agnideva himself gave it to Krishna at the time of the burning of the Khandava forest.

Agneyastra was also part of the divine weapons that Arjuna received from Indra with the blessings of Mahadeva.


Who all knew the use of Agneyastra?

In addition to the above Bhishma, Karna, and Ashwatthama also knew Agneyastra.

Arjuna taught Agneyastra to a Gandharva called Angaraparna.


What happens when Agneyastra is used?

Even Devas can not withstand Agneyastra. 

Agneyastra turns into a shower of fierce arrows which give out flames of fire. 

It is used to burn down enemies. 

Agneyastra produces a lot of heat. 

Sun loses his brilliance when Agneyastra is used and it becomes dark. 

Clouds start raining blood. 

All living beings become restless. 

The fire created by Agneyastra resembles Samvartakagni (fire at the time of pralaya).


How is Agneyastra countered?

Agneyastra is countered either with Agneyastra itself, Brahmastra or with Varunastra.

 Pashupatastra is more powerful than Agneyastra.


Who all have used Agneyastra?

  • Karna against Arjuna which he countered with Agneyastra itself.
  • Drona against Satyaki which he countered with Varunastra.
  • Drona against Yudhishtira.
  • Ashwatthama against Arjuna which he countered with Brahmastra.
  • Drona against Arjuna at the time of the cattle raid.
  • Bhishma and Arjuna against each other during the cattle raid.
  • Arjuna against the army of the Gandharva called Chitrasena.
  • Arjuna against the Gandharva, Angaraparna.
  • Bhishma against Parashurama.
  • Krishna against Shalwa.


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