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Health benefits of chanting Vishnu Sahasranama



Thanks for the wonderful informations and insights into hindu religion. Namaskarams 🙏 -Shanthi Sukumar

Divine! -Rajnandini Jadhav

Happy to see the wonderful work you are doing for veda pathashalas and goshalas . It's inspiration for all....🙏🙏🙏🙏 -Thanush Kumar

So impressed by Vedadhara’s mission to reveal the depths of Hindu scriptures! 🙌🏽🌺 -Syona Vardhan

Vedadhara's cntent is both authorative and easy to grasp, thank you 🙏 -Karthik Prabhu

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  2 months ago

Very nicely explained


  2 years ago

Thankyou for explaining. I did not know Vishnusahasranama was from Mahabharata


  11 months ago

excellent explanation Acharyaji. thankypu


  5 years ago

Sir really nice information Koti koti pranams.

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What are Asuras?

In the Vedic age, the Aryans considered Indra as the king of Devas. But the Vedas depict Varuna also as equal in power to Indra. A group of Aryans under Zaratustra became rebellious and started worshiping Varuna as the supreme power. They created their own four Vedas and a script called Kharoshti which was written from right to left. In their yajnas, Varuna was given offerings as the chief of Devas. This group of Aryans who settled to the west of the Indus river were known as Asuras. They were always in conflict with Devas and their followers. Subsequently, all enemies of Devas became known as Asuras. This term now represents Daityas, Danavas, and Rakshasas also.

What does Gabha mean?

Garbha in Sanskrit means the embryo. गीर्यते जीवसञ्चितफलदात्रा ईश्वरेण जठरगह्वरे स्थाप्यते इति गर्भः - to undergo the results of one’s own past karma, the almighty places it in the cavity of the belly.


Approximately how many shlokas are there in the 18 Mahapuranas put together?
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