Why is Prayagraj famous, and great?

Praygraj Triveni Sangam


Prayagraj is one of the holiest places for the Hindus alongside Kashi, Kailasa, Kurukshetra, and Pushkar.

Let's see what makes Prayagraj so great.


What is the meaning of Prayaga?

प्रकृष्टो यागो यत्र - Great yaga took place here.

Prajapati, the creator God performed a great yaga at Prayagraj. 

Prayaga is the king of the tirthas, therefore it is called Prayagraj.


Why is Prayagraj so great?

Sage Markandeya once narrated the significance of Prayagraj to Yudhishtira.

People who bathe in Prayagraj go to Swarga loka.

Death at Prayagraj leads to moksha.

Simply dying at Prayagraj gives a person all the benefits of having done yoga sadhana.

All sins vanish as soon as someone enters Prayagraj.

Prayagraj is regularly visited by devas, asuras, rishis, and siddhas.

Goddess Ganga, Goddes Yamuna, and Goddess Saraswati are always present in Prayagraj.

If someone thinks about Prayagraj while on his deathbed, even from a distant place, he will attain Brahma loka.

Prayagraj is a great place to do charity.

Such a giver will be reborn in the Uttara Kuru region, will enjoy great pleasures, and long life.

60,00,10,000 holy tirthas are present in Prayagraj.

Pratishtana, Hamsaprapatana tirtha, Urvasiramana, Sandhya Vata, Koti tirtha, Rinamochana tirtha, and Akshaya Vata are the most important among these.

A pilgrimage to Prayagraj gives the benefit of performing Ashwamedha Yaga.

The pilgrim’s ten generations of forefathers will get liberated.

The circumference of Prayagraj is five yojanas.

Every step on this is sacred.

The nagas, Kambla and Ashwatara exist in the form of tirthas here.


Who are the protectors of Prayagraj?

Brahma protects Prayagraj from the north.

Vishnu protects Prayagraj as Veni Madhava.

Shiva protects Prayagraj in the form of the banyan tree.

Indra always protects Prayagraj.

As a result, it is also known as Indrakshetra.

This is the greatness of Prayagraj.

A man gets mukti merely by learning about the greatness of Prayagraj.




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