What is the real name of Veda Vyasa?

Veda Vyasa


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As on date, his real name is Krishna Dvaipayana.

There are two parts to this name.

Krishna + Dvaipayana.

Krishna - of dark complexion.

Dvaipayana - born on an island ( dvipa ).


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 Sons of Vyasa


Do you know how the present Veda Vyasa was born?

Vyasa’s mother was Satyavati.

She was ferrying Sage Parashara across river Yamuna.

Their union took place on an island in the river.

She completed the pregnancy instantly and delivered on the spot.


Do Vyasas keep on changing?


Vyasa is a position.

In the present chaturyuga which is the 28th in the present manwantara (Vaivaswata), Krishna Dvaipayana is occupying that position.

Who were the Vyasas before Krishna Dvaipayana?

Well, here is a complete list.

First - Swayambhuva

Second - Prajapati

Third - Ushana

Fourth - Brihaspati

Fifth - Savita

Sixth - Mrityu

Seventh - Indra

Eighth - Vasishta

Ninth - Saraswatha

Tenth - Tridhama

Eleventh - Trivrisha

Twelfth - Bharadwaja

Thirteenth - Antariksha

Fourteenth - Vapri

Fifteenth - Trayyaruna

Sixteenth - Dhananjaya

Seventeenth - Kratunjaya

Eighteenth - Rinajya

Nineteenth - Bharadwaja

Twentieth - Gautama

Twenty-first - Haryatma

Twenty-second - Vajashrava

Twenty-third - Trinabindu

Twenty-fourth - Valmiki

Twenty-fifth - Shakti

Twenty-sixth - Parashara

Twenty-seventh - Jatukarna

Twenty-eighth - Krishna Dvaipayana

Vyasa of the upcoming twenty-ninth chaturyuga will be Ashwatthama, son of Drona.

The tasks of Vyasa are the division of Veda into four and also the revelation of Puranas and Mahabharata.




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