What happens to sinners in Yamaloka?

torment in naraka

The description of what happens to sinners in Yamaloka is scary.

Even as the sinner approaches Yamaloka he can hear the cries of pain from far away.

Sinners, already there are begging for mercy.

Dharmadhwaja is the guard at the gate of Yamaloka.

He informs Chitragupta about the arrival of the sinner.

Chitragupta is the account keeper of the deeds of people on earth.


Chitragupta goes to Yamaraja and reports.

Yamaraja already knows about the sins the newcomer has committed.

Still, he asks Chitragupta to narrate the details.

Chitragupta in turn asks Sravana and Sravanis for the details.


Sravanas keep a watch over whatever men are doing on earth.

Sravanis keep a watch over whatever women are doing on earth.

They are always truthful.

They give the details to Chitragupta.


Then the sinner is produced before Yamaraja.

He starts trembling and crying looking at the terrifying figure of Yamaraja.


Chitragupta asks him why he committed such grave sins.

He tells the sinner that it was his ego and pride that made him commit sins.

Now, he should suffer the consequences of whatever he has done.

Yamaraja does not discriminate between the rich and poor or strong and weak.


Yamaraja gives his verdict.

The soldiers such as Prachanda, and Chanda push and drag the sinner to the place where he has to suffer the result of his sins.

They beat him up severely.


On the way, there is a huge tree that is ablaze.

The sinner is tied to the tree and thrashed.

He cries for forgiveness and mercy.

He is poked with sharp spears and beaten with maces.


The soldiers ask the sinner why he did not even give water to the thirsty; why he did not even food to the hungry or even an animal.

They shout at him asking why he did not take care of his parents; why he did not offer shraddha to his forefathers.

He only worshiped the God of wealth while on earth and never imagined this day would come.

He never worshiped Gods nor undertook pilgrimages to wash off his sin.

He had not done any act of kindness.


They tell him - we have no authority to forgive you.

Only Sri Hari Paramatma can do that.

The soldiers continue the thrashing.

The sinner falls to the ground.

Sharp leaves pierce his body and he starts bleeding.

Dogs with sharp teeth attack him.

The soldiers hit him with hammers and cut off his limbs with a saw.

He is cut using sharp axes.

His mouth is filled with dust.

He is half buried in a pit.

Then his head is struck with arrows.


He is taken out and his hands and legs are crushed like sugar cane.

He is then thrown into boiling oil.

His hands and legs are tied and thrown into the middle of a herd of mad elephants.

He is thrown down from the top of a mountain.

He is thrown into pits with worms, insects, and snakes.

Huge vultures peck at him and take away his flesh.

Then the sinner is sent to Narakas in line with the sins he has committed.


How many Narakas are there?

There are 84 Narakas where sinners are tormented.

Out of these, according to Garuda Purana, 21 are the most horrifying.

  1. Tamisra
  2. Lohashanku
  3. Maharaurava 
  4. Shalmali
  5. Raurava
  6. Kudmala
  7. Kalasutraka
  8. Puti Mrittika
  9. Sanghata
  10. Lohitoda
  11. Savisha
  12. Sampratapana
  13. Mahaniraya
  14. Kakol
  15. Sanjivana
  16. Mahapatha
  17. Aveechi
  18. Andha Tamisra
  19. Kumbhipaka
  20. Sampratapan
  21. Tapan


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What are the unforgivable sins in Hinduism?

Five sins called the Pancha Maha Patakas are unforgivable in Hinduism. They are - killing a noble Brahmin, stealing gold, drinking liquor, having an illicit relationship with Guru’s wife, and keeping the company of those committing the above four sins.

Was Yama once a mortal being?

Yes. According to the Vedas, Yama was the first person ever to die and became the lord of all the souls to die after him.


Who is the father of Yama?
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