The Lord took Ramavatara to establish how powerful pativratas are



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Balancing Inner Voice with External Guidance

While reflecting on your inner voice may be valuable, it's crucial to recognize its limitations. Your consciousness or subconscious is influenced by personal biases, experiences, and emotions, which can distort your perception of truth. Relying solely on this inner voice may lead you astray. Instead, balance it with external wisdom from Gurus, books, and community interactions. These sources offer diverse perspectives that challenge your biases and expand your understanding. They can help you navigate complex truths and moral dilemmas more effectively. Engaging with various viewpoints enriches your journey towards truth and self-awareness. Remember, while your inner voice is a powerful tool, complementing it with external guidance ensures a more comprehensive and accurate grasp of the world. Embrace this balance to enhance your personal growth and make well-informed decisions in life.

What is Ganesha the God of?

Even though Ganesha is the Lord of everything, he is primarily worshiped for the removal of obstacles. He is also often worshiped for success, intelligence, and gaining popularity. There are specific Ganesha mantras for begetting progeny, defeating rivals, and gaining wealth.


Who is the father of Lord Balarama ?
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