Peaceful Mountain Meditation


Video - Peaceful Mountain Meditation 


Peaceful Mountain Meditation




Glorious! 🌟✨ -user_tyi8

Thanking you for spreading knowledge selflessly -Purushottam Ojha

Heartfelt thnks to Guruji for clear and authoritative teachings on scriptures 💖 -Abhishek Thosar

Amazing! 😍🌟🙌 -Rahul Goud

Guruji's understanding of Hindu scriptures is profound and authorative 🙏 -Prabhas Sridhar

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What does Ugrasrava mean?

A person who has great hearing is known as Ugrasrava. Hearing means grasping power. He was a primary narrator of the Puranas.

Why was Bhagavata written?

1. Sage Vyasa wanted to propagate bhakti and the greatness of Lord Krishna. 2. He was sure that through the path of bhakti, people can attain their spiritual goals and also lead a virtuous life. 3. Vyasa wanted a simple method to achieve these and Bhagavata was the result of this quest.


Which among the following is not part of Nava Durga ?
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