Butterflies Meditation


Video - Butterflies Meditation 


Butterflies Meditation




So useful for relaxation and to get away from the stresses we have. -Mrunal Kohli

That was very knowledgeable. Namaskarams -Venugopal

Vedadhara's contribution to the future of Sanatan Dharma is priceless 🙏 -Prof Vidyadhar

Very good -Rama krishna

This website gift to seekers of knowledge! -Madhumita

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Who were Shishupala and Dantavakra?

Shishupala was the king of Chedi. Dantavakra was the king of Karusha. They were incarnations of Jaya-Vijaya on earth towards the end of Dwapara yuga. Both were killed by Sri Krishna.

Anjana's previous birth

Hanumanji's mother Anjana used to serve Devaguru Brihaspati in her previous birth. Her name was Punjikasthali. Once she went to fetch water and came back late. Brihaspati cursed her to become a monkey.


What is Panchajanya ?
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