Dattatreya's Peace Mantra: Find Serenity



Vedadhara content is at another level. What a quality. Just mesmerizing. -Radhika Gowda

Consistency and faith (Shreddha) are of paramount importance. -Sriram

This mantra is like medicine for my soal. 🕉️ -Ved Prakash

A perfect start to the day. Wonderful -Vishnupriya

Thank u -User_se89xj

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How many chapters are there in Yoga Vasishta?

1. Vairagya prakarana. 2. Mumukshu vyavahara prakarana. 3. Utpatti prakarana. 4. Sthiti prakarana 5. Upashama prakarana. 6. Nirvana prakarana.

What is the logic behind exclusive devotion?

In this world, everything is perishable. How can they ever take you out of worldly delusions and troubles? It is only Bhagavan who is eternal and omnipotent. It is only Bhagavan who is dependable.


Which among the following is not another name of river Sarayu ?

द्रां दत्तात्रेयाय नमः draam' dattaatreyaaya namah'....

द्रां दत्तात्रेयाय नमः

draam' dattaatreyaaya namah'

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