Krishna Mantra for Elevating Marital Life and Perfect Bonding



very uplifting mantra..thanks guruji -shreya sawant

Cannot start my day without these soothing mantras. -Govind Kini

बहुत अच्छा लग रहा है यह सब 🌼... बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद 🙏 -paritosh

The depth and power in the voice make yout mantras so ieffective -Shivam Singh

Good Spiritual Service -Rajaram.D

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How does Adhyāsa relate to Liberation (Moksha)?

Adhyāsa holds practical implications for seekers of liberation in Advaita Vedanta. Liberation is not achieved through rituals but through direct self-knowledge. Understanding the illusory nature of the world dismantles the cycle of ignorance and births, paving the way for ultimate liberation.

Which Shiva Linga is best for home?

The best Shiva linga for worship at home is Bana linga obtained from River Narmada. The height should be more than the length of the thumb of the worshiper. A metal base should be made with metal such as pancha dhatu, lingam should be placed on top of that, and worshiped.


King Nahusha had become Indra for some time. Who cursed him to become a python ?

ॐ गोपीजनवल्लभाय स्वाहा om gopeejanavallabhaaya svaahaa....

ॐ गोपीजनवल्लभाय स्वाहा

om gopeejanavallabhaaya svaahaa

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