Bharani Nakshatra Female




  • Hardworking
  • Disciplined
  • Ability to carry the burden of others
  • Socially aware
  • Righteous
  • Truthful



  • Suffering in life
  • Struggle
  • Lack of freedom
  • Irritable
  • Restless
  • Impatient
  • Imagining the extreme about everything
  • Judgemental



Relationship with husband

  • Ready to share the financial responsibility of the family
  • Tendency to find fault with the husband
  • Taking altercations etc. to the extreme
  • Overindulgence in physical pleasure



Which career to choose

  • Psychology
  • Healing
  • Astrology & tarrot
  • Writing
  • Publishing
  • Business
  • Lawyer
  • Architect




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