What is the meaning of- Live life king size?

Who brought Ganga to earth?

Rajarshi Bhagiratha. He did this to liberate his ancestors whom Kapila Muni had cursed and turned into ashes.

What is Agastya Samhita?

Agastya Samhita is teachings for moksha given by Agastya Maharshi to Rishi Sutheekshna. This book belongs to Tantra-shastra and Dharma-shastra. Mantra, yantra, mudra, nyasa, puja, havan, purascharana, etc. of Lord Rama are given in this book along with mantras of Lakshmana and Hanuman. The yoga marga is also given in this book in a very simple manner.


Sri Suktam is in praise of which Devi ?
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