Rama Nama Is The Prince Of Remedies

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Rama Nama | Prince Of All Remedies




Vedadhara's content is accurate and authoritative, thank you for your work 🙏 -Veena

Thanking you for spreading knowledge selflessly -Purushottam Ojha

Your teachings on Hindu scriptures are clear and authoritative -Adrija

Do you have Google pay, what is the minimum contribution expected 🙏🙏 -Dinesh Kumar. S. Mysore
Sorry. We don't accept direct donations. Instead you can support us by joining our Pujas. https://www.vedadhara.com/book-a-puja.php Replied by Vedadhara

The simplicity and corectness of Vedadhara's scriptural teachings is praiseworthy 🌸 -Mamata Krishnan

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What was the nature of spiritual experience that Avudai Akkal had?

It was a Vedantic experience.

Where does Ganga river start?

The main river Ganga starts from Devprayag in Uttarakhand. It is a confluence of two rivers, Alakananda and Bhagirathi. Alakananda originates as the snow on the peaks Nandadevi, Trisul, and Kamet melts. Bhagirathi starts from Gomukh at the base of the Gangotri glacier.


Who teaches that the real nature of self is awareness ?
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