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God is a living reality. He is more real than the ephemeral interests and things in which man is usually involved. Man’s craving for earthly achievements shuts him out from the recognition of the immortal truth of his existence. He is so deeply caught in the pleasures which are gained through mere sense perception and touch that he becomes blind to the exalted experience of eternal bliss and peace.


Divine nectar he rejects and seeks for satisfaction in transient delights which are ever accompanied by the reaction of acute pain and sorrow.


The question that troubles everyone who has turned his back to the light of God is, “Which is the way out?”. When asked to turn his face to the supreme light he replies, “None of your devotion, God, and immortality to me. Give me something which will yield pleasure to my senses and intellect. Change your strain to suit my fancy. At any rate, do not talk too much of Bhakti, I find no relish for it”. 

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Evolution of the Divine Forms

Think of water taking various forms - ice, liquid, vapor - through different processes while fundamentally remaining H2O. Each form has distinct properties and uses. Similarly, the supreme reality (Brahman) manifests in different forms like Shiva, Vishnu, humans, plants, mountains, etc. through various transformative processes. Each form serves a unique purpose and highlights different aspects of the divine, enriching our understanding of the ultimate reality.

Why is it called Pancha patra?

The vessel containing water used in rituals is called Pancha patra. Pancha means five. In elaborate worship, five vessels are used- Vishesha arghya patra containing a mix of 8 dravyas, Nirodha arghya patra containing a mix of 7 dravyas, Parangmukha arghya patra containing a mix of 6 dravyas, Padya patra, and Achamaniyaka patra. Even if only one vessel is used in their place, it came to be called Pancha patra.


Which of the following Pujas is performed to beget a suitable bride or groom ?
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