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Saundarya Lahari

Saundarya Lahari


Only when in conjunction with the Shakti ( the maya with the twofold functions of Avarana - veiling the real, and Vikshepa - showing the unreal, not independently however of the Brahman, which is Shiva) would Shiva (the auspicious undefiled bliss, the Brahman which is the supreme existence, consciousness, and bliss, and becomes Ishvara when amalgamated with the maya) acquire the power to create, sustain, and destroy the elements, ether, etc. and the variants evolved out of them as also to become one with them. Otherwise, the Deva becomes incapable even of stirring.


While so, how dares one who has not purified his mind by the accumulation of virtuous deeds through many a previous incarnation has not studied intensively the Upanishadic lore and attained self-realization through the grace of his Guru, and thereby been enabled to comprehend your real nature by the removal of the cobwebs of illusion, which ensnare even the great, either to salute or to extol you.

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Excellent explanation with a divine voice -K S Suresh

Vedadhara's influence has been transformative. My heartfelt gratitude for the positivity it has brought. 🙏🏻 -Karthika

Your work for the revival of Hinduism and support for vedic gurukuls is commendable 🙏 -varshini vaish

Extraordinary! -User_se921z

So impressed by Vedadhara’s mission to reveal the depths of Hindu scriptures! 🙌🏽🌺 -Syona Vardhan

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How to do Namaskara

1. Sashtanga Namaskara done by men - With both hands, both feet, both knees, chest, head, vision (look at the Devata), speech (take the name of the Devata), mind (think about the Devata). 2. Panchanga Namaskara done by women- With both knees, both hands, head, speech (take the name of the Devata), mind (think about the Devata).

Who was Sanajya's father in Mahabharata?

Gavalgana. He was a suta (charioter).


Who has cock ( rooster ) as the sign in his flag ( Kukkuta dhwaja ) ?
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