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What are books such as Nirnaya Sindhu and Dharma Sindhu called in Dharmashastra?

In Dharmashastra, the texts such as Nirnaya Sindhu and Dharma Sindhu belong to a category called Nibandha granthas. They are a ready reference to principles of righteous living according to Hinduism

How Ganga got the power to purify?

During Vamanavatara when the Lord was measuring the sky with his foot, his thumb pierced the top of the universe. Through that hole descended Ganga touching his thumb. That gave Ganga the power to purify all.


King Nahusha had become Indra for some time. Who cursed him to become a python ?

Endless wings of Valmiki Ramayana
Valmiki Ramayana is the magnum opus of the first great epic of Indian literature. It is the first great epic story of sacred couple Rama and Seeta. They are inseparable like the Sun and Moon in the sky without these two celestial bodies there is no life in the world. The story of Rama and Seeta is the life elixir to the people of Hindu society. The people living in India, all men, women and children know the story of Rama and Seeta. They showed their love and respect to these epic heroes and heroine by naming their children Rama and Seeta.
The torch bearers of our culture and civilization traveled the vast land both in the East and in the west crossing the peak mountains, thick forests. great rivers and seas to spread the great story of Rama and Seeta. This great epic is popular in Mongolia, China. Japan and South East Asian countries. They crossed Afghanistan. Balochistan. Middle East and entered the European continent to make this epic story popular.
Valmiki Ramayana and Homer's Iliad run parallel in many ways. In both the epics we find similarities. Both Valmiki Ramayana and Homer's Iliad centered around the two beautiful ladies namely Seeta of Valmiki Ramayana and Helen of Homer's Iliad. Ravana the king of Lanka had carried away Seeta to Lanka. Prince Paris of Troy ran away with Helen to Troy.
Rama with the help of Vanaras built the bridge across the sea and crossed it. Menelous the king of Sparta, the husband of Helen with the support of Greek heroes crossed the Black sea in their war ships. Rama with the support of Vanaras declared war on Ravana and destroyed Lanka. In the same way Menelous with the support of Greek heroes attacked Troy and destroyed it. Valmiki Ramayana is the first epic in India. Homer's Iliad is the first epic in European literature.
The people of Eastern countries adopted the main theme of Valmiki Ramayana in their literature but adopted the story to suit their social customs. In some stories we find Rama is a hero. In some other stories we find Lakshmana is the hero and Rama following him. Ravana's place is the same. Seeta's place is also the same. The thick friendship and brotherly love is the same between Rama and Lakshmana. We find certain Peculiar changes in some stories. For example Rama by ascending a particular tree turns into a monkey for a short period. He marries a monkey and is blessed with a son. He is Hanuman who helped the hero to trace his wife.
In Heaven
All Gods in the celestial world were deep in meditation. Indra the Lord of all Gods with his consort Sachidevi was
sitting on the Jeweled throne. Suddenly Indra's hall was filled with a cry of Woman in distress.
Everyone was disturbed.
They opened their eyes.
They saw Rambha the celestial dancer.
she rushed into the hall with tears rolling down from her cheeks.
Oh! God. you have closed your eyes and ears you did not think and observe what is happening in the celestial world. On my way to Lord Brahma, the ten headed Ravana the Rakshasa king of Lanka attacked me. He tried to molest me.

Ramaswamy Sastry and Vighnesh Ghanapaathi

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