South-East Direction - Vastu effects

Agni the deity of the South East direction


The South-East direction is called Agneya disha in Vastu Shastra. 

The governing deity of the South-East direction is Agni. 

Agni Bhagavan is very short-tempered and quick in action. 

He has got the power to burn down and destroy completely. 

Results of defective Vastu of the South-East are also immediate and highly destructive.


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Full Agni Suktam Rig Veda Book 1 Hymn 1 Devanagari Sanskrit English


Which is the South-East direction?

The meeting point of the East and South sides of a building or plot is called the South-East direction.


What is allowed in the South-East?

  • In residential buildings: kitchen, office, living room, porticos, and guest room.
  • In the case of Industries or Workshops: transformers, generators, boilers, furnaces, etc. can be placed in the South-East. This is good for smooth production and improved profits.


Bathroom in the South-East direction

A bathroom meant only for taking bath can be placed in the South-East direction.

 Commode (W.C.) should not be placed there.


What you should not place in the South-East direction?

  • Bedroom - South-East direction is not good for sleeping.
  • Safe / vault - will cause loss of wealth.


Can Mandir / Pooja room be placed in the South-East direction?

No. Gods become angry if you place Mandir / Pooja room there.


Effect of the main door / gate in the South-East direction

  • Exact South-East - trouble for children.
  • East of South-East - theft.
  • South of South-East - trouble for the whole family.


Extension of building to the South-East

Never allow the building to extend in the South-East direction. 

This may cause the occupants anxiety and depression and also lead to unmanageable debt.


Effect of plots with extended South-East

  • Extended towards the East - quarrels, arguments.
  • Extended towards the South - loss of reputation.

In the compound, do not leave too much vacant space in the South-East.


General effects of defective Vastu of the South-East

  • Gynaec related health issues for women.
  • Improper behavior by women of the household.
  • Delay in marriage.
  • Legal issues.
  • Financial problems.
  • Burglary.
  • Fire accidents.
  • Accident leading to permanent physical disability.


Roads ending at the South-East of the plot

  • Road coming from the East - not good.
  • Road coming from the South - good.

Agni is pure and has got the power to purify as well. 

Do not allow drainage to pass through the South-East direction. 

Do not construct a septic tank in the South-East. 

This can lead to litigation or theft.

Fire and water are opposing elements. 

Digging a well, constructing a water tank or sump in the South-East may cause fire accidents or burn injuries to the occupants.




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