Ravidas Ji

Guru Ravidas Ji Escapes Attempt on Life 

Ever since his childhood, Guru Ravidas Ji had a religious bent of mind. His talks were not conventional. Even his family members were astonished at his strange actions. He was an undaunted boy. When he became an adult, he started worshipping God like the Brahmans. He blew conch shell, applied Tilak on his forehead wore Janju, and tied Dhoti like the Brahmans. He vehemently condemned the caste system and untouchability. He preached equality, secularism, truthfulness, the oneness of God, and human rights. Since his message was of universal brotherhood, people of all shades irrespective of caste, sex, or creed came to listen to his sermons. His following was fast increasing. At this, the Brahmans and Piran Ditta Mirasi planned a strategy to kill Guru Ravidas Ji. 

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