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(Lecture delivered by Swami Rama, in the Great Golden

Hall, San Francisco. January 10, 1903.)


Before beginning the subject, a few words ought to be spoken on the kind of audience that the world usually furnishes. People usually do not hear with their own ears, but with the ears of others. They do not see with their own eyes, they see with the eyes of their friends. They do not taste with their own taste, they taste with the taste of others. How unreasonable! Men of the world, use your own ears, use your own eyes on every occasion. Use your own understanding on every occasion; your own eyes and ears are not for nothing; they are for use.

One day Rama was passing through the streets. A gentleman came up and said, 'What do you mean by wearing this dress? Why do you wear that dress? Why do you attract our attention?' Rama always smiles and laughs. If you enjoy the dress of Indian monks, Rama enjoys your enjoyment. If this dress can make you filled with cheerfulness and makes you smile, we derive happiness from your smiles. 

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