Do you know the significance of Vyahriti mantras-Bhurbhuvasvaha-pronounced in all Vedic rituals?

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Wonderful explaination.
Excellent literal explanation.
Very well explained


Your commitment to Hinduism's future is amazing 🙏 -Preetal Ahuja

Are there any lectures available on "Yog Vashishtha" on this channel?? -ADWAIT VIVEK POTNIS

Proud to suport such a noble cause with Vedadhara 👏 -Dr Bhuvanendran

You have a gift for making complex concepts simple. More, please! 🙏🏼 -Amit Tripathi

This website has a separate vibe❤️🔥🙏😌 -Garvitha Reddy

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Who guards amrita in Swarga Loka?

As soon as amrita was obtained, Devas gave it to Lord Nara for safe custody. In Swarga Loka. Devas take turns to guard amrita. When Garuda attacked, it was Vishwakarma who was protecting amrita. The pot of amrita is kept in the middle of a rotating wheel with sharp teeth and is protected by two fierce serpents.

What is the role of yoga in Sanatana Dharma?

Yoga is an important part of Sanatana Dharma, and it is believed to be a way to achieve spiritual and physical balance. Yoga includes various practices such as meditation, breathing techniques, and physical postures.


Kailasa is ............
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