Significance Of Turmeric And Kumkum

haldi kumkum

Turmeric and kumkum are inevitable parts of Hindu religious life.

Both turmeric powder and turmeric roots are used in pujas and other rituals.

Turmeric is known for its medicinal properties.

Sumangali (suvasini) ladies wear kumkum on their foreheads.

Kumkum is made by treating turmeric powder with lime or lemon juice.

In essence, they are both the same, only the color differs.

Both turmeric and kumkum are used in pujas and rituals owing to their auspicious colors.


Significance of yellow

When you say yellow, the first thing that comes to your mind is peethambara, the clothes of Bhagawan Mahavishnu.

Why does Bhagawan wear yellow clothes?

Yellow is the color of intelligence.

Bhagawan is the super administrator of the universe.

Managing the universe from creation to elimination requires an enormous amount of intelligence, strategy, and discretion.

Bhagawan’s yellow clothes stand for this.


Significance of red

Red is the color of affection and sacrifice.

Women of our glorious past applied tilaks on their husbands' foreheads with blood from their fingers before sending them to the battlefield to defend the motherland.

Red stands for true love and sacrifice.


Intelligent management, love, and sacrifice are essential to successful family life.

As a perpetual reminder of their importance, turmeric and kumkum are used in pujas and rituals.







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