Do You Know How Garuda Got His Name?

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Three versions of Valmiki Ramayana

Valmiki Ramayana itself has got three versions - Southern, North-western, and Gowdiya. They were popularized by different disciples of Valmiki Maharshi. There are minor variations present in these different versions.

Agnishvatta (अग्निष्वात्ताः)

There are seven kinds of Pitrus - Agnishvatta, Vairaja, Garhapatya, Somapa, Ekashringa, Chaturveda, and Kala. Someone who performs all the rituals mentioned in the Smritis such as aupasana, sthaleepka but does not perform the Shrauta Yajnas would attain the Loka of Agnishvatta Pitrus.


Who was the king who served Nandini to beget a child ?
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