Ardra Nakshatra Famous Personalities

Adi Shankaracharya


Here are some famous personalities born in Ardra Nakshatra and the characteristics of the Nakshatra highlighted in them.



Famous for

Nakshatra characteristics

Adi Shankaracharya

Spiritual leader



Spiritual leader


Swami Kriyananda

Spiritual leader

Writing skills.

Albert Einstein



Hilary Clinton


Communication skills.

Ross Perot





Babe Ruth

Baseball player

Athletic, skillful.

Marie Antoinette French Queen Ungrateful.




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Is there a specific day dedicated to worshiping Hanuman Ji?

Tuesdays and Saturdays are considered auspicious for worshiping Hanuman Ji. Knowing this enables you to plan your devotional practices effectively, aligning with the tradition and maximizing the spiritual benefits associated with these days.

What are the nine forms of bhakti also called Navadha bhakti?

According to Prahlada, the nine forms of bhakti are - 1. Shravana - listening to Bhagawan's glory ( eg. Parikshit ) 2. Keertana - singing his glory ( eg. Shukadeva ) 3. Smarana - remembering him constantly ( eg. Prahlada ) 4. Padasevana - serving his lotus feet ( eg. Lakshmi ) 5. Archana - physical worship (eg. Prithu ) 6. Vandana - offering namaskaras ( eg. Akrura ) 7. Dasya - to consider yourself as Bhagawan's servant (eg. Hanuman ) 8. Sakhya - to consider him as your friend ( eg. Arjuna ) 9. Atmanivedana - complete surrender to Bhagawan ( eg. King Bali ).


Which yaga was performed by Nachiketa's father ?
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