Anger Management

If a man becomes irritable for trifling things very often, it is a definite sign of mental weakness. When a man abuses you, when a man takes away your cloth or coat, if you keep quiet, that is a positive sign of inner strength. Self-restraint or self-control is a sign of great mental strength. An easily irritable man is always unjust. He is swayed by impulses and emotions.


Anger gains strength by repetition. If it is checked then and there, man gains immense strength of will. When anger is controlled it becomes transmuted into spiritual energy that can move the three worlds. Just as heat or light is changed into electricity, so also anger becomes changed into Ojas. Energy takes another form. Energy is wasted enormously when one gets angry. The whole nervous system is shattered by an outburst of anger. The eyes become red, the body quivers, the legs and hands tremble. No one can check an angry man. He gets enormous strength for the time being and gets a collapse after some time on account of reaction.

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What is the source of Abhijnana Sakuntalam?

The story of Shakuntala is found in the Mahabharata. It is in chapters 68 to 74 of Sambhava Parva. It is also there in Padma Purana.

Who was Kamsa in his previous birth?

Kamsa in his previous birth was an Asura called Kalanemi. In Swayambhuva Manvantara, Marichi and his wife Urna had six sons. They once made fun of Brahma saying that he had married his own daughter Saraswati. Brahma cursed them. They had to take birth as the sons of Kalanemi on earth. They again took birth as the six sons of Hiranyakashipu and led a noble life. This pleased Brahma and they asked for a boon from him that they should not be killed by anyone. When Hiranyakashipu came to know about this, he cursed them to go to Pathala and live there. They asked for relief. Hiranyakashipu said that after spending a long time in Pathala, they will take birth as six sons of Vasudeva, and Devaki. Their father from the previous birth Kalanemi would take birth as their uncle Kamsa and he would smash them on the ground and kill them as soon as they were born. This would give them relief from the curse. According to Srimad Bhagavata, the queen of King Ugrasena (king of Mathura) was violated by a Gandharva called Dramila. Kamsa was born to her. She disliked the child and cursed her own son saying that he would be killed by a member of his own family. Narada told Kamsa about this. After that Kamsa developed animosity towards Ugrasena and Krishna.


Which yaga did king Bali perform?
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